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A Venus transit is a rare cosmic event. Nobody on Earth has observed a Venus transit more than twice in his life. The human kind has registered no more than 6+1 Venus transits during its existence! You can find two of them in this homepage.
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This is the black drop effectLandscape in Greece before sunriseA Nikon d3100 on standby modeThe greek landscape before the Venus transit 2012The day it happenedThat was my camera system 2012The first light beams are hitting the camera. But where is Venus?Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!Sun in red due to its low attitudeYou can still see the treesVenus in front of the SunOnly the space is between usA few minutes laterGo Nikon go!Hang on a minute!Venus is moving in the skyHot moments in GreeceThere was also a Venus transit on December 6th, 1882The Nikon under the Sun (HDR)Venus is moving..