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Nickname: "Eos".

Having remarkable capabilities, the Televue NP127is telescope is not only a portable, high performance apochromat but also a joy to use in both visual and astrophotographic applications.


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The Cygnus WallCed214 in CepheusA supernova in a distant galaxyThe Cave NebulaM67 in CancerIC1805The Triangulum GalaxyThe Trifid and Lagoon NebulaM74 and HD9669The Andromeda GalaxyIC410 in AurigaM13 and NGC6207The Crab (M1) in TaurusPart of NGC1499M35 and NGC2158 in GeminiIC417 (HST palette)The Trunk Nebula vdB142 in CepheusNGC4565 & NGC4562NGC891 and friendsInside the Soul (IC1848)