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After years of continuous fight against the light pollution of the nearby city lights, I finally composed this method and I tried it on the most polluted astro photos I had on my workstation at that time. Yes, it works fine!

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00. The IDAS LPS P2 light pollution filter is your best friend.0. Despite LPS filter, your raw astro photo has still an uneven background due to the strong light pollution.0. A quick check via histogram specification command reveals strong gradients -  Now press CANCEL please1a. Select the menu item Auto Remove Gradient1b. - The result after automatic gradient removal - It looks better - Photo stretched to demonstrate the effect - Press CANCEL please2. Select the menu item Auto Flatten Background for further improvements2b. The result after the automatic flattening. That function made the background more unique but it is still darker at the edges4. Flatten Background by selecting 150 dark background areas. Note the pattern.4a. You can also try this pattern to select the background areas5. The result after manual flattening - stretched to demonstrate the effect5. Save the file -  Repeat these step for all your FITS raw files