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Venus & Moon - Dec.3rd 2016NGC2244 in MonocerosThe PleiadesGeminiThe Elefant Trunk Nebula vdB142 in CepheusSilver Moon near AldebaranThe Trifid and Lagoon NebulaProminent stars in CepheusThe supernova remnant NGC6992 in the Cygnus constellationThe moon on May, 14th 2011The Triangulum GalaxySun spots in July 2014Taurus and PleiadesThe Pelican and the Golf of MexicoCassiopeia / Andromeda / h+xRed Super Moon Sept.28th, 2015Europa, Io and JupiterThe area around the Flaming StarThe Andromeda GalaxyNGC6888 Cygni