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2003 JUNE: Mars observation2003 OCT: Photography of the moon2003 DEC:The saturn rings2004 JANUARY: Europa Io Jupiter2004 MARCH: Tania Australis2004 APRIL: Epsilon-Lyra2004.05.02: Sun spots2004 MAY: M572004 JUNE: Venus-Transit2004 OCT:Jupiter2004 NOV: M42 Orion nebula2005 FEB: My first spiral galaxy2005 FEB: Cassini division on CCD2005 MARCH:The Hercules Galaxy Cluster2005 MAY: M132005 MAY: The neutron star of M572005 JUNE: Round stars in M562005 AUG: Dark nebulas in Andromeda2005 NOV: Round stars in NGC19072005 OCT: The Crab in color