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BEHIND THE SKY: Light from the other side of the universeNO TRICKS: The tail of a comet with round stars in the backgroundKNOCK OUT: Only one 20 minutes exposure at -35°CGOING DEEPER: Faint objects near M74OLD NEIGHBOURS: Extragalactic globular clusters in AndromedaDISTANT WORLDS: These photons are 720.000.000 years oldEXTREMES: Very faint and very bright objects in one pictureTHE DOT: an object with 19.2 magnitudesPASSION: Three hours exposure timeBEAUTY MEETS STRUCTURE: The Sombrero galaxyLOST IN SPACE: A group of less known galaxies in LynxTHE NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK: One of the three known planetary nebulas in a globural clusterSMOKE IN SPACE: NGC 2346