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Collection of stunning images gained or reprocessed in 2015.

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IC410 in AurigaThe Follower of Pleiades next to the MoonThe Ring Nebula in LyraThe supernova remnant NGC6992 in the Cygnus constellationThe Trunk Nebula vdB142 in CepheusThe globular cluster M13Gamma Cygni NebulaLBN159 SH2-99 NGC6857 in CygnusMoon & AldebaranNGC6888 CygniDark nebula B142-3NGC2244 in MonocerosThe Trifid and Lagoon NebulaB33 and IC434 nebulas in OrionIris NebulaIC410 in AurigaThe Heart Nebula IC1805The Pinwheel GalaxyThe Pelican and the Golf of MexicoM12 Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus