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The Crab (M1) in Taurus

Image: LRGB 3x300s for each channel, 660mm, f/5.2, KAF-8300 CCD at 25°C
Messier 1, also called "The Crab Nebula", is a supernova remnant in the Taurus constellation. A bright star was noticed in China in July 4th, 1054AD and the next 23 days. Unfortunately, there are no observation reports of it in Europe.

The initial star had 8x solar masses. The remained Pulsar has a diameter of 10km, a rotational period of 33 times/s and an energy of 100'000 Suns today. Very strong magnetic fields are detected in Messier 1, being in a distance of 6'000 ly away from our Earth.
The nebula has expansion speed of 30'000km/s. Remarkable is the emission of xrays, radio signals and visible light with relativistic nature.
The Crab nebula is a popular target for amateur astronomers and it reveals its bizarre structure in Hα narrowband images.

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The Crab (M1) in Taurus