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00. If you use a NIKON camera convert your MOV video file to AVI01. This is the AVI videoclip you want to process- video_DBK21_0077.avi02. First you need to set some parameters .i.e to tell GIOTTO how to stack your AVI videoclip03- Specify the Rohbildquelle i.e. the source of your videoclip04. Specifiy the Zentriermethode i.e. the method how to center the frames in your AVI videoclip05. Specify the Subpixelgenauigkeit i.e. the resolution grade06. Specify the Qualitaetspruefung i.e. the quality check parameters07. Specify the Ergebnissetup i.e. the method how to calculate the final stacked frame08. Select your AVI videoclip to start stacking. Click the button Offnen09. The software GIOTTO is now stacking your AVI videoclip10. This is the result of the stacking. It is not sharp. Dont worry11. Select the menu item Scharfen-und-Filtern i.e. sharp and filter12. Use these settings. Finally press the button Bearbeiten13. Your photo is sharp now but the RGB channels are not exactly on each other yet. The borders of the planet have a color fridge14. Eliminate the color fridge by putting the RGB channels on each other15. Press in Frame Rotkanal 2xAuf 2xRechts 2xgrosser. Press in the frame Blaukanal 2xLinks 2xAb 2xkleiner. Finally press Ubernehmen16. The RGB channels are now on each other. The planet is sharp but its colors are still wrong17. Save your processed photo as FITS and exit GIOTTO18. Open your FITS photo with the software MaximDL19. Adapt the histogram after loading your photo in MaximDL