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1.Open HaRGB channels as TIFF in PS2.Copy RGB images as layers on the Ha background layer3a.Convert layers to RGB. Click on NO MERGE de. NICHT_ZUSAMMENFUEGEN3b.Select Ha layer. Create a Fill and Settings layer de. Neue Fuell und Einstellungsebene erstellen3c.Click on Farbton Farbsaettingung4.Set Farbton-Farbsaettigung. Use Farbton=0 for Ha and RED4b.Do Schnittmaske erstellen to apply your settings on the layer you made below. Only for older PS versions4c.Your Color settings are OK for this channel. Repeat for all your layers5.Set Farbton-Farbsaettigung in BLUE channel. Use Farbton=240 for BLUE5b.Set NEGATIV MULTIPLIZIEREN for layer filter6.Set Farbton-Farbsaettigung in GREEN channel. Use Farbton=120 for GREEN7.Ready. Now you can go on with further processing8.You can change the Tonwertkorrektur on Ha layer. Caution has NORMAL layer settings