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NGC6939 & NGC6946 in CepheusThe Triangulum GalaxyM95, M96 and M105 in LeoNGC5850 and FriendsMessier 74 - The PhantomM74 and HD9669Messier 106Messier 95, M96, M105, NGC3371, NGC3373NGC5746 and other faint galaxies in VirgoNGC5746_Full Field 19.1mag deepM64 - The Black Eye GalaxyNGC4565 & NGC4562NGC5317 zoom inNGC5317 wide viewThe Markarian Chain in VirgoNGC4038-4039 Interacting Galaxies in CorvusNGC898 and friendsNGC891NGC891 and friendsSomewhere in Andromeda