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NGC1528 PerseiNGC1528 PerseiTV127is, QSI683ws8, RGB composite, 3x5min. each channel.

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TeleVue NP127is - Imaging the skies over Europe Inside the Soul (IC1848)Inside the Soul (IC1848)Equipment: Televue NP127is, QSI683ws8, Takahashi JPZ, Astrodon filters.
Exposure: Ha=7x600s, RGB=2x300s each channel.

Meet my NP127is & me on :-)

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Ced214 in Cepheus Ced214 in CepheusCed214 in CepheusTelevue NP127is, QSI683ws8, AstroDon 5nm filters, Takahashi NJP/JPZ mount.
Exposure: Hα=5x600s, RGB=3x300s each channel.

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The Cygnus Wall The Cygnus WallThe Cygnus WallNP127is 660mm, f/5.2, QSI683ws8, Astrodon 5nm filter, NJP-JPZ, Palette: Ha=4x600s, OIII=4x600s, GREEN(artificial made from Ha and OIII), S2=Ha, Ha=Green, O3=O3

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NGC6939 & NGC6946 w/ supernova SN2017eaw in Cepheus A supernova in a distant galaxyA supernova in a distant galaxyThe supernova SN2017eaw in the galaxy NGC6946 on May 20th, 2017.
Image: Televue NP127is, QSI683ws8, NJP/JPZ, (LPS)RGB, LPS:10x300s, RGB:300s each channel


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A globular cluster embedded in a sea of stars - Messier 56 M56 ( (L=RGB)-R-G-B)M56 ( (L=RGB)-R-G-B)NP127is, QSI683ws8, AstroDon

Image: Messier 56, RGB-R-G-B exposure, 5min. each channel, 660mm (f/5.2), KAF8300 CCD, (c) Panagiotis Xipteras

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The Spider Nebula - IC417 Aurigae IC417 Aurigae - The SpiderIC417 Aurigae - The SpiderSII, H-alpha, OIII = 3x10min each, NP127is, QSI-683ws8, 660mm, f/5.2

Image 1: The Spider of Auriga - IC417 (SII,Hα,OIII composite)

IC417 Aurigae (Hα-OIII)IC417 Aurigae (Hα-OIII)BiColor image Hα, OIII = 3x10min each, NP127is, QSI-683ws8, 660mm, f/5.2 Image 2: The Spider of Auriga - IC417 (Hα,OIII composite)

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Galaxies in Leo - Messier 95, 96, 105 and friends M95, M96 and M105 in LeoM95, M96 and M105 in LeoThe galaxies M95 M96 M105 NGC3371 NGC3373 in Leo

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NGC5850 & Co. in Virgo NGC5850 and FriendsNGC5850 and FriendsFaint galaxies in the Virgo constellation.
Exposure: Lum (through IDAS LPS P2)=7x300s, RGB=2x300s each.
Equipment: TeleVue NP127is (f/5.2), QSI683ws8, NJP-JPZ, Starlight Lodestar on FS-60C.

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Messier 74 - The Phantom Galaxy in Pisces Messier 74 - The PhantomMessier 74 - The PhantomThe Phantom Galaxy M74.
Data: NP127is, QSI683ws8, LPS-RGB less than 1 hour total exposure time from the backyard.
Image: Messier 74 - The Phantom Galaxy in Pisces

Messier 74 is a face-on spiral galaxy in Pisces, 32 million light years away. It hosts 100 billion stars.

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Galaxies in Leo - NGC2903/2916 Image: Ancient light from the Leo constellation

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A Magnificent Sunset on Christmas Day Sunset Christmas 2015Sunset Christmas 2015Nikon d7100, Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2.8, freehand Image: An unforgetable sunset on Christmas day

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Catalina C/2013 US10 Catalina C/2013 US10Catalina C/2013 US10The comet Catalina C/2013 US10 in Virgo.
20.12.2015 03:55 MET
Image: The comet Catalina C/2013 US10 in Virgo on Dec. 20th, 2015 at 03:55 MET

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The Wild Duck Star Cluster - M11 Sct The Wild Duck Cluster - Messier 11The Wild Duck Cluster - Messier 11

Image: Inside the Galactic Plane - The Wild Duck Star Cluster - M11 Sct

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The Magic Stars of Messier39 in Cygnus M39 CygniM39 CygniDESCRIPTION:

This is a single 142 seconds exposure with an unmodified Nikon d3100 DSLR camera at ISO400. It has been taken under light pollution WITHOUT any LPS filter. Note the wonderful star colors in the field.

Telescope: 385mm (f/3.65)
Guider: SBIG ST7XME on a 355mm (f/6) scope.
Mount: JPZ
Software: Aperture v3.1.2 (Mac). Only histogram adaptions has been one in the NEF (raw) file.
Image: Messier 39 in Cygnus

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The Pleiades The PleiadesThe Pleiades Image: The Seven Sisters (Messier 45)

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The Tadpole Nebula - NGC1893 & IC410 in Auriga IC410 in AurigaIC410 in AurigaHa:4x600s, RGB:300s each, NP127is, QSI683 Image 1: IC410 (HαRGB, NP127is, JPZ, QSI683, Astrodon E series)

IC410 in AurigaIC410 in AurigaPure RGB series 5x1200s median at low attitude 5-36 degrees, QHY8L, IDAS LPS P2, NP127is, good atmospheric conditions Image 2: IC410 (RGB, NP127is, JPZ, QHY8L, IDAS LPS P2)

2010 NOV: Narrowband photography on NGC18932010 NOV: Narrowband photography on NGC1893

Image 3: IC410 (HαRGB, FS-102, G11, ST7 XME, Baader filters)


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The Ring Nebula The Ring Nebula in LyraThe Ring Nebula in LyraThis is a planetary nebula in the Lyra constellation. The dying star is visible in the centre of the ring (see also:

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The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major (M101) The Pinwheel GalaxyThe Pinwheel GalaxyPinwheel Galaxy (also known as Messier 101 or NGC 5457)
Equipment: QHY8L on TOA130 750mm (f/5.8)

"The Pinwheel Galaxy (also known as Messier 101 or NGC 5457) is a face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major." [Source: Wikipedia]

More Info at:
Exposure data: QHY8L, TOA130, f/5.4, total of 7 exposures with 15min each, photos stacked via SigmaClip in MaximDL, Crop


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Red Moon & Stars - Super Moon Eclipse 28.9.2015 Red Super Moon Sept.28th, 2015Red Super Moon Sept.28th, 2015Super Moon Eclipse Sept. 28th, 2015
Equipment: Nikon D3100, Televue 76 with TV compressor (380mm, f/5), Vixen GP (green)
(c) Panagiotis Xipteras, Germany
Image 1:  Super Moon Eclipse 2015. That was the view through the eyepiece. No kidding.

The equipmentThe equipment

Image 2: Televue 76 (f/5), Nikon d3100 DSLR, GP mount on a Gitzo GT3532S tripod.

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